What We Do

Tribute is a generationally owned, independently operated family business. We are committed to provide a sense of community and, in doing so, continue building our caring family demeanor that is every bit as passionate, inspiring and vibrant as the communities we create and serve.

From single communities to comprehensive neighborhood revitalizations, Tribute works with cities, rural areas, major public universities, and others to develop creative solutions to housing challenges, and comfortable living spaces and conveniences that are knitted into the fabric of the community where people can thrive. Our strong local presence within our communities is what marks our success.


We are local. We invest locally. Tribute builds and manages real estate in areas where we live and work. Tribute’s recent work has focused on the acquisition and repositioning of historic structures, transforming them into vibrant living communities. Our acquisitions include land, historical buildings, commercial real estate in the regions of Wilmington, Charlotte, Charleston, and Asheville.


With expertise in all aspects of the design-build process. From preconstruction to project close out, we are committed to delivering creative solutions and quality products that improve the neighborhoods around us. When we work together, innovation shines, concepts transform into quality products and experiences that surrounding communities can be proud of.


Formerly Biltmark Development, our forward-thinking entity has a proven track record for locating, acquiring, and developing real estate based opportunities. Real development is our opportunity to capture the essence of neighborhoods that we live in to help build community and change neighborhoods for the better. Working directly with members of the community, we get to know the fabric of the neighborhood and how we can build something remarkable.

Property Management

We genuinely care about our residents and focus on their needs. We aim to provide a remarkable living experience that expands into the local communities where residents can thrive and flourish.