About Us

As a pioneer in real estate, Mark Maynard’s entrepreneurial spirit started with the purchase of a single home while attending college and led to Biltmark Development. Since 1985, Mark Maynard has been active in real estate development, construction, and management as the owner and president of various corporate entities. These early entities include Tribute Properties and Biltmark Construction, which have evolved into what is now called Tribute Companies.

Tribute Companies, Inc. consists of a group of individual companies that collaborate to develop and manage real estate and provide capital for partnership investments. The companies are owned and directed by Mark L. Maynard, Sr.

Live Local. Community Matters.

Mark Maynard knew that true success comes to those who work hard and do things the right way. Mark founded Tribute based on his love of community and built the company based on integrity. His forward thinking and expertise in locating, acquiring, and developing properties influenced his vision toward local leadership and support structure. Tribute has been driven by his vision to provide a remarkable experience for all. We work together with local communities to develop, build and manage apartment communities and retail experiences that elevate our neighborhoods and the lives of those who live there.