When Tribute Companies owner, Mark Maynard, began his journey in real estate over three decades ago, he was clear and unwavering about the way his company and his employees would conduct business. Mark understood then, and understands now, that reputations are built on authentic character traits like honesty and integrity, and also on the ability to transform promising opportunities into highly profitable capital ventures by consistently delivering high quality products.

It is this powerful combination of experience, performance and integrity that has allowed Tribute Companies to remain in a thriving growth mode since its inception, even when the economy made it difficult for anyone to do so. Those who have worked with Tribute Companies understand what “The Tribute Way” really means, and why Mark’s formula for success instills so
much confidence in Tribute investment partners.

I have invested in many real estate deals throughout my years in the business, and there is no one I trust more with my capital, bar none.

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Our Vision

To systematically grow and develop the assets of the company, expanding investments in our core markets and other emerging markets in the southeast footprint.

Our Mission

To professionally plan, develop and manage real estate assets to provide strong returns and long-term value for investors, partners and tenants. We do this by leveraging our unwavering commitment to integrity, extraordinary customer service, and excellence in product quality.

Mark Maynard and the Tribute team have more practical, useful real estate expertise and real estate common sense than any other company I have ever dealt with.

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Our core values

Unwavering commitment to integrity

Integrity is easier to talk about than it is to practice; but we think it’s the single most important driver of success. We are sincerely dedicated to treating people as we want to be treated. This includes partners, investors, fellow associates, customers, tenants, vendors…EVERYONE!

Extraordinary customer service

Everyone on our team will provide nothing short of extraordinary Customer Service. Part of the Tribute Way is making customer service a reality and not just an empty promise.

Excellence in product quality

We do everything we can to make our product the best it can be. We do not cut corners, and we insist that quality and value drive every decision.

Our success is entirely dependent on our ability to embody these values in every interaction.  Tribute is about great people doing great work.

Mark Maynard | CEO