September 25th, 2017 | Posted in Latest News

Tribute Companies Inc. began redeveloping the former Block Shirt Factory in 2015, it is now available for leasing.

WILMINGTON — The second phase of the South Front community is now open. Developers celebrated with a community block party Wednesday afternoon.

Tribute Companies Inc. began redeveloping the former Block Shirt Factory at 1510 S. Third St. in 2015, and apartments are now available for leasing.

“They have literally revitalized this part of town and we should all be proud to see all of the energy and all of the cool things that are happening in Wilmington,” said Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo. “When you can reclaim a beautiful old factory like this and convert it into housing and have this kind of mixed-use development take place, it’s great.”

Each home contains the original concrete warehouse floors and features floor-to-ceiling windows, concrete counter tops and stainless-steel appliances. Community amenities include a gym, outdoor kitchen, clubhouse and pet spa. Amenities extend across Greenfield St. and include The Nez, a 23-seat movie theater; salt water pool; dog park and rooftop garden.

“We repurposed it without displacing any residents, which was really nice because this was just dormant product. It wasn’t like a gentrification where we took people out of their neighborhoods and brought in other people, which is really a wonderful thing,” said Mark Maynard, CEO of Tribute Companies. “It’s brought a lot of energy to this area of town, a lot of people have participated in it and it’s really had a lot to do with why the south end of downtown has really come back.”

According to a press release, further local Tribute Company projects include Benny’s Big Time Pizzeria later this year and a bakery in 2018. The Fortunate Glass’ second location, Second Glass will also break ground in the upcoming months, and the 18,000 square foot Capps Industrial Building at 110 Greenfield St. will soon house both retail and office space.

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